How do collaborative tools like Google Docs work? Allowing online and offline editing while keeping the target document in sync for every user is an interesting application of distributed computing.

We just had a talk about real time collaborative text editing. The talk was at Rubyslava, a meetup of programmers in Bratislava and we have made a recording of it.

Mirrec will guide you through the basic principles, available approaches and show you which approaches are easy to reason about and which are effective for implementation.

But there’s a catch. The talk is in Slovak. If you speak Slovak, this is your lucky day!

If you don’t speak Slovak and this is not your lucky day… Here are at least the slides (in English):

We were considering recording it once again in English. If there would be enough demand, we might make it happen! So if you want us to make it happen, drop us a message.

And by the way, we are looking for a front-end developer to join us!