Some time ago, we started doing these events where we share practical ideas, workflows, knowledge or other wisdom. Pretty much any topic, not just stuff related to our work. Interesting stuff what others would like to hear. We call it "Wisdoom". It's something like a small TED inside of your company.

All of us really like it, so we decided to share it with you in this short post and tell you why we think it's great.


  • People pick their own topic.
  • Any topic, not just stuff related to work.
  • Anyone can participate.
  • Keep it short, ideally under 20-30 minutes. Then it leaves just the right time for questions and discussion.
  • Then go for a beer together, play Playstation or just have a good time with your colleagues.
  • Have a place where people can write the topics down. It can be a simple list. We use Asana for this.
  • Keep it coming. It does not need to have a stable date in the calendar, but it's great to have it at least once per 1-2 months.

Why it's great

  • It's a team building. People are together, doing stuff, not working.
  • You learn from each other.
  • You may find out cool stuff about your colleagues that you otherwise wouldn't know.
  • You learn stuff from outside of your "bubble".
  • It's an easy and voluntary way for people to practice their presentation skills. People like sharing what they like.

Example topics that we had in the past

  • MacBook edition: Touch Bar like a pro
  • Don’t “Lose yourself” in Bit, Byte, Binary, Characters, Unicode, UTF
  • What can you do in SketchUp
  • Video production pipeline
  • Apple Shortcuts: Kill All Humans edition
  • Color management in code: sync colors (figma -> code)
  • Quick tips for efficiency-as-fuck (short)
  • Property-based testing - the philosophy behind & practical examples
  • Workshop: how to use Figma as an extension of your mind

That's it! In the future, you may find some posts on this blog that are from our Wisdooms.