I just noticed that tomorrow will be exactly one year since our last post so I have decided to write a brief report.

Product concepts

As you may or may not know, we are building an ultimate, kick-ass collaborative text editing software that will dominate the world. We call it Smarkup.

Since last year, the whole concept of the app has already changed quite a lot. We have dropped features that originally were some of the main reasons to build the app in the first place.

One of these features was a Markdown Editor. I won’t get into much details, but I’ll just mention that it is not logically possible to build a collaborative text editing software which enables editing of a file in a visual editor and a markdown editor simultaneously. This was something that has turned my brain into a mash... But in the end, it actually made the product better!

The business model got simplified, go-to-market strategy has changed… Many plans have changed many times before things were built.

Technical stuff

It’s not easy to create a good text editing software… It’s damn hard!!! Who would expect?

Especially after you find out that you can not use some frameworks that you planned to use, and that you need to build a lot more stuff from the scratch.

Now I really appreciate the work behind the blinking insertion point (also called cursor) in a text editor. After I saw what needs to be done in order to make things like this work, I started thinking differently about the competition with other softwares. It really takes time to build a high quality software.

Things that got done

Without mentioning a ton of research, optimisation, testing and development, I’ll mention just a few of the prototypes we developed:

  • writing actual text (no shit!!!)
  • insertion point (cursor) and selection! (Yes, sounds silly, but it’s actually a difficult thing to develop), selection
  • sending changes to server and back
  • collaboration (will be ready hopefully today)

Well, there’s a lot of stuff under the hood that I didn’t mention. Whatever… Now we will be stitching all of it together.

The designs moved further. There are hundreds of screens. But even after nearly three years I’m surprised how many art boards are still to be made. Here’s a snapshot of the Symbols page (it is zoomed out quite a lot so you won’t see pretty much anything).


Here are some of the takeaways from the last year:

  • In IT, things will likely take much longer than you would expect. Even with the best people. Nothing new, but it’s always good to be reminded about it.
  • Test designs on and discuss them with real people. Frequently! It speeds up the production a lot.
  • Web / UI designer who does not understand HTML and CSS is a bad designer. (Designer speaking!)
  • Prioritise health over work and eliminate stress. Always.
  • Cold therapy is good for your health. It works.
  • Exercise, diet, relax and don’t worry. Sticking to these four things helps a lot to not get doomed.

There would be quite a lot to talk about, but I will rather invest that time into finishing stuff. Now I only hope that next post will be much sooner than in one year!

We will get this shit done and it will be awesome. Mark my words.