My name's Cinan, and I'm a frontend developer at Smarkup. I like all that JavaScript and CSS related stuff. I'm a big fan of declarative and functional programming (hello React & Rambda 👋🏻). I'm kind of nerd with UI/UX feeling. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies in near film club, cooking, playing Playstation, riding a motorbike (or just a bike).


Alarm rings. I'm so not a morning person. Waking up is hard. I call it effective morning: go to shower & get ready for today. I don't eat any breakfast, because I'm not hungry in the morning. I can't forget to pack up my MacBook.


Usually, I go to the office on foot. It takes 20 minutes, give or take. But today, I grabbed a helmet and jumped on my cruiser. I just love riding. It definitely kicks me off for the whole day.


I come to our office. Other colleagues are already there. I say hello, fill my cup with tapped water and take out my MacBook from the backpack. I open Calendar, Slack, Jira, and do quick planning for today.


Team standup starts. It helps me to recapitulate the previous day and choose tasks for today. Today I feel like I could fix that broken files renaming bug. It shouldn't take much time. I think I could also look at the new React Suspense feature. I always look forward to learning a new React feature.

After standup, I check out assigned pull requests to review. I do it now because it's easier to focus on code review before doing my things. Today I have assigned just a single PR. First, I read a related task in Jira, and then I begin reading changed files. The PR looks good, but after a while, I found out I'm not sure about a proposed naming change. As a team, we found sometimes it's far more effective to discuss uncertain parts of PR personally, rather than writing long comments to the PR.


My favorite part of the day is here. Lunch! Near the office, there are three or four of our favorite restaurants. We head to the Zufana restaurant, they always make miraculously tasty food. I also buy a cake for later. We chat about anything—food, work, weekend plans, even politics. We really enjoy the lunchtime.


We're back from lunch. I make an espresso and start digging into that file renaming bug. When a user wants to finish renaming a file by pressing Enter key, nothing happens. The good news is it happens always and doesn't look like a random glitch. After some time, I finally get to the bottom of this mystery. It was caused by an event emitted twice instead of being emitted only once. I fix the bug, add a unit test, commit changes, create a new pull request and assign it to our CTO. I deeply hope this isn't "Fix one bug, create two more." 😂


From time to time, every team member attends to one-on-one meeting with our product lead. Today it's my turn. This is a great way to share our feelings and thoughts about work in general, other team members, satisfaction, problems, things to improve, plans, office environment… The conversation is constructive and helps to maintain healthy relationships between team members.

In the last weeks, I noticed overusing Slack calls. I prefer typing over calling if it's just a simple question or a quick conversation. As a developer, I want to keep my flow state and not to be interrupted. Product lead assured me we'll talk about it tomorrow with all team members. That feels good.


Adam, our UI designer/wizard, calls me to discuss a new People Invitation screens designs. He shows me plenty of screens in Figma. I really like that he thought about almost every possible state that could occur. We talk more about the pagination of long lists, which is a substantial part of the new screens. It turns out the pagination requires more attention and polishing. Design reviewing with Adam is useful, important, and also fun.


I can't wait to study the new Suspense feature in React. I read official documentation, and I must admit I'm quite skeptical at first. I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of reading asynchronous data in a synchronously-looking way. Or do I misunderstand something? I must read more about the topic. I found a blog post describing the Suspense feature with more examples. I start getting into it. It starts making sense. I think it could even solve some issues related to loading data from our API. I'm sure to use this Suspense feature when I'll be developing the People Invitations screens!


I'm done for today. I pack up my MacBook (it's always with me) and go to a gym nearby. I try to not think about work anymore while I'm working out. I believe work and personal life balance is very important. Rather I think about my plans for the evening —after a gym and shower, I could meet with my friends and have Chinese. Sounds like a plan.


I'm home. It was a long day. I'm not a morning person, but I'm a true night person! So I jump on the couch, turn on Playstation and play The Last of Us. I just love the story and graphics, it's absolutely stunning.