Hi there! My name is Števo and I am a backend developer here at Smarkup. I do most of the Elixir stuff and a little bit of DevOps. I fell in love with functional programming a few years back and I am really happy that I can now do it full-time. Thanks to the transition to Elixir I enjoy writing code as much as I did back in the days when I started in the era of Windows 98.


Well, we have a baby that's 4 months old, so you can imagine that this fact quite determines my schedule. After I wake up, I not only prepare myself for the day, but I also prepare breakfast, tea and some other things for my wife, to make her day with the kid easier, until I am back from work.


There's not a weather armageddon happening, so I am able to jump on my folding bike and ride to work. I do around 15 kilometers per day, it helps me to stay in shape. Our office is very close to the Miletičova market, so I stop there to buy some sheep cheese for Adam and something sweet to have with the coffee for me and Mirec.

bike to work


Finally, our office. Today I am the first one here, so I start the AC and prepare myself a cup of coffee. I like to nerd about coffee. We drink only specialty coffee from a local roaster and our equipment is slowly improving too. V60, Aeropress, Prismo, French Press, you name it...


Let's wake up my Mac Mini. JIRA, Slack, VSCode, iTerm are already running, so I can quickly jump back to where I left yesterday or I can check what's my next issue in this sprint. OK, so our API needs some additional functionality for managing users of the workspace. Let's do this.


Our stand-up meeting. This is quick. Everybody knows what to do, there are no blockers or anything special to discuss today. Back to my computer.


This issue was quite simple. Coding of the logic with the tests is done, now I need to add the documentation for the new module and functions and also to the new API endpoints, so Cinan will know what and how to call from the client side.


I find documentation very valuable not only for the others but even for me, so I didn't want to miss that part. Now I just need to create the pull-request on GitHub, so Mirec will make sure, there's are no flaws in my code and Cinan will check if he's OK with the new API endpoints. Of course, quite a lot of things will be checked automatically. Formatting, tests, buildability, security vulnerabilities in the dependencies etc.


Lunchtime! If it's not Monday, we're usually putting our shoes on and heading to Zufana. Otherwise, there are some other nice options to eat, not so nice as Zufana though. Time spent together at the lunch and during the walk is perfect to clean my mind and chat with other guys. We have a good time discussing news, nerding about the latest tech or just trying to find the meaning of life. :-)


We're back. So, what's next on my agenda? It seems like there's a bug in formatting probably caused by a wrong calculation of positions and ranges in the text.


Yes, that was it. A little bit of debugging and I found it. My suspicion was correct. Luckily, we're using Event Sourcing, so I am able to fix the logic and replay the events, so the state becomes correct without losing any of the information. Also, writing a test to prevent regression is a good idea. So, let's do it.


That bugfix is finished and I am going home to my family. I want to spend as much time with them as possible, so I am working around 6 hours a day. For me, it's perfect this way. Luckily, I am able to adjust my schedule to my needs without a problem. That's one of the things I really like about my work.


I went for a stroll with my son Maty, but the weather went a bit crazy. Nevermind, at least I felt more adventurous. Then we prepared and ate the dinner with my wife while watching an episode of the Dark tv show.

As Ice Cube already said: Today was a good day. I am sure the next one will be even better.