Hi! My name is Mirrec, and I'm the CTO here at Smarkup. My responsibilities are mainly dealing with high-level architecture, designing and implementing the synchronization layer, studying, finding a way to implement core concepts, planning and delegating. I mostly program in TypeScript and I read code in Elixir, which we have on the server.


I just woke up... but it took me a while, morning is probably the hardest part of my day. For breakfast I eat a banana, bread with butter and honey. I like sweet breakfasts. Then I have a shower, drink a coffee, and finally pack my things and get ready for morning exercise.


My morning exercise is at the gym. I do pilates. It is great for the core and it finally wakes me up.


I am heading to the office. I go by bus and till the time I get to the office, it is a great time for podcasts. But today, I am listening to a chapter from Deep Work. It's a great audiobook. I have already found some tips that I want to apply.


I got to the office. I clean my cup, fill my jar with water, and wake up my computer. I quickly clean up my emails. We follow a zero inbox rule, which helps us to stay organized.

Then I try to review pending pull requests (PR) before the morning standup. This time there's a complicated PR and I have a lot of questions about it. I note them so I can talk about it with my colleague after the standup.


The standup. We checked how the current sprint is going so far, and now each of us quickly tells his round. I like Standups. They help me see what the rest of the team is up to or if there are any blockers. Something wasn't clear about the sync layer. I wasn't sure what's going on so I asked a few ensuring questions to make sure everyone is on board.


Right after the standup, I start discussing and finishing PR reviews with Cinan, our front-end developer ninja. I made some changes to the way the selection works in our sync layer. That relates to the editor and he needed to check how to implement his part.


Lunchtime. We decided to go to Zufana bistro, my favorite place!

It is a 10 minute walk, but walking is healthy. The food is great, and the staff is always smiling and welcoming. We eat, joke and laugh. Then I bought a piece of cake (I love cake), and we head back to the office.


I'm back in front of my mac. Today I am solving an incorrect position recounting in undo. I read my notes from yesterday and get back to the point where I left off.

Dealing with positions and changes in documents is really hard. But drawing helps me a lot! I like drawing on the whiteboard but now I'm using the Concepts app. It's a great iPad app that works well with Apple Pencil. I love that I can copy-paste my diagrams like on an infinite whiteboard. It's very convenient.


Great! I figured it out! I finish the coding and I make a PR out of it. PRs are automatically linked to the a Jira issue. Now it's time for cake! A small break and then I get back to focus mode.

I'm moving on to the next issue: Join blockTypeChange with blockAttrsChange to one operation. We realized that we can achieve the same goal with just one function so we decided to simplify some stuff under the hood.


I am trying to finalize my day. I'm still not done with joining the operations so I'm making a note to Smarkup about things I still need to figure out. It helps me to clear my mind and not bring my work home.


I am packing my things and heading home.


The weather is great so I go for a ride on my bike. Today I'm heading to Raca! There's a beautiful cycle lane through the vineyards.


I play my piano for a while and then I open a book: Real-Time Phoenix, Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels. Usually, I don't do work-related stuff till the next day. But there is one exception: reading. I like to read technical articles, books and watch talks.


My eyes are getting heavy, time to go to bed!