Hi! I'm Adam. I'm the founder and CEO at Smarkup. My primary role is to steer us in the right direction, keep everyone organized, happy, and on track. I started designing this thing five years ago. I'm also paying the bills.


It's summer. The window is open. And the damn bus is now parking by the hotel next door again... It's parking in reverse, so it's beeping. I roll in my bed, cursing 😂.


Alarm. Now I'm supposed to wake up.


I wake up. Drink a glass of water, take a cold shower, and make oats. I'm going to the gym in the evening, so I need carbs!


I grab one of my twenty all-the-same white shirts, put on my Jordans, throw my workout gear into the backpack and head to the office.


I'm entering the building. Today it's Romans shift! The best and most talkative gatekeeper you can imagine. I love this guy! We exchange at least six wishes for the best day while I'm crossing the lodge.


Stevo is already in the office. He's telling me that "The sheep cheese is waiting for you in the fridge." He just made my day, shit, I love these surprises!

I wake up my iMac, fill my jar with water and start cleaning up my inbox.


Today I'm designing UI for Google Authentification. I initially thought that it would be a matter of adding a button to login screens. Oh, I was so wrong... It's so complex! It affects the whole logic behind user accounts, preferences screens, password resets, and much more. It turned out to be a challenge.

I laid it all out into a checklist, and I'm halfway through. I just hope I won't bump into another thing that would, even more, embarrass my original estimate 😂.

I can't wait to get it done and demo it to the team at retro on Thursday.


Slack bot pings me to prepare for the Standup.

I turn on the projector, run my Keyboard Maestro macro to open Chrome tabs with our Jira board, turn on AirPlay, and stand up.


Standup! First Mirrec, then Stevo, Cinan and me... I've scheduled a talk with Mirrec, our CTO, about roadmap. Also, I've recently finished the UX for list indentation and I need a review from Cinan, our front-end ninja. He's great in UX, so I'm looking forward to his feedback. He says he's available, so we can jump on it right away.


I start showing the UX to Cinan, and after 30 seconds, the expression on his face is telling me that something is not right. I know that face pretty well! 😅  He's always very direct with everyone and his feedback is to the point, I really like that.

We move to the whiteboard and start drawing. It took us 10 minutes. Few tweaks, and now it finally seems right to both of us.

I document it to Figma, write down what we have agreed upon and add a link to his issue in Jira.


Stevo asks, "Zufana?".

I run another macro to bring up ten lunch menus of our favorite places around. This is my lucky day! Our favorite bistro Zufana's menu fits my stupid diet: sweet potatoes with chicken!


We enter Zufana. Dusana greets us with her very satisfying smile, then Marcel comes in, joking, being explicit, sits next to us and orders us a meal. They already have a nickname for us: Pirates of the Caribbean. I think I know where that came from 😅.

Mirrec is telling us about a video from Zomri. It's a compilation of Andrej Danko... These are always rewarding.


I'm back in front of Figma, looking at the password reset UX. I'm realizing that I need to figure out how to reset the password if the user signed up using Google Auth. I bet that there's even more that I don't realize yet, so I'm going to check how other apps are doing it. It's a good way to prevent myself from re-inventing the wheel. And maybe there's some standard way for doing it, I love standards.


I'm finishing my yogurt with rice cakes and geting ready for the roadmap talk with Mirrec.

We talk about Sync 2. How long it will take, and the impact it will have on our roadmap.  We think it's most likely the most complex task so far. The heavy lifting. Probably even more complex than the collaboration, which we already implemented.  I totally admire Mirrec that he is capable of getting that done, by the way.

We didn't get to an exact estimate, but that doesn't matter. The task will include a lot of research, so it's not possible to estimate it anyway.

The good part is, that once it's done, it will enable us to implement a lot of crucial features that will have a big impact. Link sharing, access restrictions and so on.


I'm making a note about where I left off with the Google Auth UX and packing up.


Gym. I didn't schedule with my coach for today, so I'm on my own.

I'm doing my sets and I see that Cinan came in.

He tried the new treadmill, the one with the weird mechanics... We laugh, he looks like he just took a shower, but dressed up.


Home. Cook dinner, take a cold shower, watch the new MKBHD video on YouTube while eating. A Dope Tech episode, my favorite!


There's a whole new season of Dark waiting for me on Netflix. But It's summer! I am going for a walk around the lake, then to check the Food Fest at Dulak.

I'm putting on my AirPods Pro, hoping that a bus won't hit me (noise-canceling FTW), and resuming Sapiens on Audible.


I'm glad I didn't start watching Dark, I bet I wouldn't fall asleep easily. Good night!